Video production has a lot of complex elements that all need to come together efficiently and effectively. Our producers, directors, crew members, composers, animators and editors all have years of experience creating successful infomercials. They know what works, what doesn’t and why. Below, an edited list of the production services we provide:

  • The Shoot is where the main action takes place. In infomercial principal photography includes our host shoot, interviews, product demos and hero shots, consumer and expert testimonials, plus any required b-roll.
  • Editing is both highly creative and very technical. Our team knows how to find the best moments and put them all together for the most impact. Our state-of-the-art editing equipment puts all the latest tricks and techniques at their fingertips.
  • Graphics and Animation are key elements in any infomercial. They help viewers understand how and why a product works, plus give the show a distinctive look.
  • Music sets the mood and can be emotional and inspirational or energizing and exciting. We’ll either create original music or purchase existing music that complements your product and enhances the pace of the show
  • Recording and Sweetening are done once the rough cut is approved. The announcer voice-overs are recorded and then all the audio elements are put in place, cleaned up and leveled out

We produce successful commercials and infomercials in these categories:

  • home shopping
  • retail & home
  • health and fitness
  • wellness and well-being
  • lifestyle products
  • beauty products
  • food
  • testimonials
  • telecommunications